Amoxicillin Dosage and Bacterial Resistance

Antibiotics are especially intended for the treatment of various infections. Although they are very helpful for killing bacteria that caused us the ailments, inappropriate usage of these drugs can also be harmful. One of the major issues that we face with using antibiotics like amoxicillin includes the proper dosing. The higher you start with amoxicillin dosage, the higher resistance that the bacteria will develop. That is why the amoxicillin dosage is a very critical thing to consider since a mistake in its dosing can lead to serious problems in the future.

Infections can be life threatening if they are left untreated. As what you might know, bacteria can enter into our body through the different openings that gives them an opportunity to thrive in. Once inside the system, they will grow and multiply in expense of your own health. They use your nutrients in order to survive, and suck everything which deprives your body from its benefits. Thus you need to eradicate them as soon as possible. Normally, our immune system is our first defense against these invaders, but there are times that we might suffer lower immunity due to other ailments. This gives the bacteria an even greater opportunity to thrive inside. Thus, amoxicillin antibiotics have been designed to solve the problem.

Sometimes people are tempted to buy and experiment with amoxicillin dosage without a doctor’s order. One reason could be due to financial issues. Sometimes, going to the doctor is an expensive route and simply buying antibiotic drugs to treat the infection is the easiest way. However, if you are not able to treat your infection with the right amoxicillin dosage then you could get into a mistake that you might regret in the long run. Sometimes this is due to lack of education about using antibiotic drugs. Getting in a lower dosage might have no effects at all while taking in a higher dose might increase the bacteria’s resistance. The latter might result to difficulties in killing the bacteria in the long run as it builds its own resistance, requiring you to take in a higher level of antibiotic which are quite hard to find and costly.

Therefore we do not advise you to experiment with amoxicillin dosage for a particular infection. Consult your doctor if you are not sure what your condition is, and how much amoxicillin dosage is needed to cure it. Dosing is a very critical role since taking the wrong proportion might endanger your life. Some people might choose to buy amoxicillin that they have taken previously in case they have suffered the same symptoms again, and this might be alright since going again to the doctor for another prescription might be redundant. However, you should be aware that there might be some unresolved issues that is why you are experiencing the recurrent infection. Sometimes it is not enough to improve lifestyle and hygiene. Whatever the underlying issues are, you still need to have it checked by a doctor rather than experimenting with amoxicillin dosage.

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