Easy Tips on How to Grow Your Hair

For sure you would like to have longer hair that does not have any flyaways, frizzies or lots of split ends here and there.  Many people actually feel the same way; however, making your hair grow longer without experiencing any significant hair loss really takes a lot of time and effort, so do not expect it to grow magically fast.  There are some individuals who know some easy tips on how to make their hair grow much longer and healthier:

Tip #1: Avoid Heat Appliances

One of the most well-known yet overlooked hair growth tips is to avoid heat.  Heat appliances include curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers. These devices suck the moisture out of your hair. Using these items will lead to dry and brittle hair and will result to split ends and/or breakage.  Thus, it is best to skip using these items whenever you can.  If you cannot live without them, however, it is advised that you use a heat protectant on your fragile strands.

Most hairstylists will not tell you this – the best thing to do to cut down on hair breakage and hair loss is to allow your hair to air-dry right after showering.  This is because if you use blow dryers and curling irons while your hair is still wet, your hair will get damaged and undergo some thinning.

Tip #2:  Wash your Hair Less

Most people think that by shampooing every day, they are taking good care of their hair.   However, did you know that everyday shampooing can strip your hair off its moisture? This will lead to brittle and dry hair ends.  Most hair experts will advise that you wash your hair every other day or once every 3 days if possible, and in between those, use a shampoo for dry hair.

Tip #3:  Feed your Locks

Healthy hair is not achievable without the proper nutrition; thus, provide your hair with the right amounts of iron, zinc, protein, B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.  You can get these nutrients from the food we normally eat such as beef, lamb, salmon, chicken, oysters and turkey.  You can also eat yoghurt, cheese and eggs as well as flax seeds and sunflower seeds.  Broccoli and spinach are also good for the hair too.

Since hair is made up of protein components, you can support it by eating protein sources such as salmon, eggs, almonds and beef.  Not only do these foods contain protein, but they also contain iron and biotin which are also essential for healthy hair.

Tip #4: Promote Circulation of Blood on your Head via a Scalp Massage

One of the simplest and easiest ways on how to promote healthy hair growth and prevent the acceleration of hair loss.  By spending only a good 2 minutes in the morning massaging your scalp with your fingertips, you will boost circulation to your scalp and you will also feel relaxed while doing it!  You can even use a small amount of sesame oil with 3 drops of lavender essential oil for a moisturizing and soothing head and scalp massage.

Tip #5: Take Supplements to Promote Growth of Healthy Hair

There are many supplements that claim they aid and support the growth of healthy hair.  One of the most well-known drugs that can promote healthy hair and obstruct the process of hair loss is finasteride.  If you are experiencing hair loss and at the same time you would like to grow your hair longer and healthier, please consult your doctor first so that he/she can evaluate if you truly require undergoing finasteride treatment.

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