Finasteride Generic – What Is This Drug For?

Finasteride generic is considered as a type of 5-alpha reductase inhibitor drug intended for the treatment of male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. For so many decades, a lot of men have faced problems concerning hormonal imbalances resulting to a number of disorders, with severe baldness and prostate enlargement being next to erectile dysfunction. With the help of drugs like finasteride generic, a lot of men are able to conquer the symptoms and live the life they wanted after the success of the treatment.

As what we have first described about finasteride generic, this medication is a type of inhibitor that prevents certain enzymes from disturbing the normal balance of hormones. Tetsoserone is the most powerful and important manly hormone found in a man’s body. At some point of their lives, however, testosterone is being converted into dihydrotestosterone by alpha reductase type 5 enzymes. A high level of DHT can cause a lot of problems, including male pattern baldness. DHT, when accumulated over time, can be very harmful to the hair follicles. Once the hormone imbalances take place, the hair follicles seize to produce visible hair strands as they begin to shrink over time. Although they still continue to produce hairs, the strands become thinner and smaller, making the scalp appears bald. Aside from severe hair loss, a high level of DHT is also associated with the abnormal enlargement of the prostate gland in male. This problem could be serious as it increases the risk of infection and prostate cancer. Among of the most obvious symptoms include difficulty and pain during urination, and blood in the urine. Since prostate enlargement is also linked with high DHT levels, experts have carefully studies finasteride generic as a possible drug to sure not only baldness but also prostate enlargement in men as well. The clinical studies were successful as the drug finasteride generic revealed good results for the treatment of prostate enlargement. So far, these were the known indications of the medication finasteride generic.

Often times finasteride generic is combined with other drugs to even get optimum results. For example, in treating hair loss in men, finasteride generic is commonly taken together with minoxidil, or doxazosin for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, when using these drugs it is extremely important to have supervision from a doctor to get the expected results instead of the nasty side effects. You also need to know which finasteride generic dosage will work best for you, as not all people need the same amount of the drug. Generally, it is best to start taking finasteride generic at the smallest possible dosage, depending on the user’s body tolerance. Later on, the dose may be gradually increased depending on the results until you get the desired effects. But remember that the drugs will not be as effective without a doctor’s prescription. If you are not sure whether finasteride generic is safe for you to use or not, it is better to consult your physician first and discuss the effects and possible risks.

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