Get the Erection You Need with Vardenafil Tablets

For most men, having sexual intercourse with their partner or girlfriends is a necessary thing in life.  The urge to have sex with someone you are physically attracted to, particularly a mate, is something that is part of human nature.  In most cases, these sexual urges need to be fulfilled, especially if both parties (man and woman) share the same urge at that particularly moment.  Otherwise, displeasure and discontent in the relationship will ensue, which, in some extreme cases, leads to breakups and even divorce.  This is actually a common problem faced by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction as due to their erectile condition, they are unable to satisfy the sexual urges of their partners.

In the past, men who suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED) had two choices, either to accept their fate as being penile impotent, or find ways such as herbals or contraptions to help them achieve an erection.  The problem with this is that while some methods work for others, it does not necessarily work for most.  Fortunately, advancement in pharmaceutics has surpassed those problems as we now have PDE5 inhibitor drugs that are very effective in treating most male erectile problems.  One of the most notable ED treatment drugs there is today are vardenafil tablets.  Vardenafil tablets are considered by many medical professionals, and even by those who suffer from erectile dysfunction themselves, as the most effective ED treatment drug there is.

In the late 90s, Pfizer introduced a breakthrough drug called Viagra which has the capacity to treat most ED conditions that are physical in nature.  By early 2000, two other drugs were released, namely vardenafil tablets and tadalafil citrate.  These ED drugs have the same mechanism of action as Viagra, but uses different active ingredients to achieve such.  For this reason, each drug carries different duration of action as well as overall efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction.

In terms of efficacy, different surveys showed that vardenafil tablets scored highest in efficacy and had 86% efficacy in treating male impotence, whereas its closest rival, Viagra, only scored 84%, two percent lower than vardenafil tablets in treating erectile dysfunction.  For this reason, men with ED who are on the know choose vardenafil tablets over other ED drugs because for them, vardenafil tablets are the best ED treatment drugs as you are able to get the erection you need for sexual intercourse without really having to worry of going limp during the main action itself.

Another thing that sets vardenafil tablets apart from other ED drugs is that vardenafil tablets are also fast-acting.  Most ED drugs require at least an hour before they take their full effect.  Vardenafil tablets on the other hand only require 20 minutes before its full effect takes place.  This is one of the reasons why men who frequently have unscheduled sexual intercourses choose vardenafil due to its fast-acting action.  The truth is, even ED doctors prescribe vardenafil tablets to their patients more than any other ED drug because they are confident that vardenafil tablets is going to treat the erectile issue that their patient has.  So, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, vardenafil tablets are your safest bet into getting that strong penile erection that you need.  There is simply no question about it, vardenafil tablets are the best ED drugs known to men.

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