Getting to Know Your ED Drug Tadalafil Better – A Review

When you have erectile dysfunction (ED), you will feel like that it is the end of your sexual world and that you are helpless without the power of ED treatment medications like tadalafil to give you temporary erectile capability.  The truth is that most who have recently discovered they are having erectile issues think this, but the truth is that it is not exactly the end of your sexual world even though you may think it.  Although most men will surely prefer to have normal erectile functions, but the thing is, there is actually no difference in terms of sensation and pleasure when you use ED treatments when you have penile impotence.  Of course, the only difference if you have erectile dysfunction is that you cannot get an erectile response when you are not under ED medication.

One of the most important things to know about when you just have discovered that you have ED problem is the cause of it.  This can be cleared out once you visit your local friendly urologist at your nearest hospital or treatment center.  Once you know the cause, learn if it can be treated or cured and if your erectile function will return to normal once that problem has been solved.  The next thing you will need to know about is the ED medication tadalafil you will be taking.  There are actually a variety of ED meds available in the market these days.  However, tadalafil is so far the most recommended, even by ED doctors.

When you buy tadalafil, you need to know that that name being used is actually the generic name of the drug, Cialis, which is manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company, a pharmaceutical giant that is based in the United States.  This ED medication got its approval from the American Food and Drug Administration way back in November of 2003.  Since then, it has treated countless men with penile impotence, providing them with erection required during intimate activity.

The main boasting power of this ED drug and why a lot of men prefer to buy tadalafil is its 36 hours long of effective duration.  Of course this does not mean you will have an erection for 36 hours long when you buy tadalafil; such is already a case of serious priapism.  This 36-hours long of effective duration actually means the potential to have an erection.  When you buy tadalafil, it actually gives you 36 hours’ worth of erectile capability that will give you erectile response once sexual stimulation is provided.  Without sexual stimulation, there will be no erection even if the drug is still in full effect.  Additionally, once aroused and have obtained an erection, if the desire or sexual stimulation is lost, the erection will also be lost.

This ED medication is actually available in both branded and generic version.  How you choose your ED treatment drug may depend on your budget or your personal preference on medications.  In truth, there is actually no big difference in terms of effect when you buy tadalafil generic or its branded cousin, Cialis.  Since both forms are made of the same ingredients, the effect you get when you buy tadalafil should be the same as that of the branded version.  The truth is, there are considerably more number of people who buy tadalafil because they get more for their money, further proving that the generic tadalafil is equally as effective.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any returning buyers towards the generic ED drug.

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