Getting Your Erection Back with Sildenafil Generic

When a sexually active man is no longer able to produce a penile erection, it essentially limits or even eliminates his sexual activity.  This is because if he cannot produce an erection, sexual penetration is not possible and therefore will not be able to successfully have sex.  Luckily for men who have developed this sexual condition as there are now effective treatments like sildenafil generic that can temporarily provide them the penile erection they need to successfully have sex.  With sildenafil generic, a man with erectile dysfunction (ED) no longer has to be deprived of sex as sildenafil generic has the capacity to help men with ED produce a useable erection.

Erectile dysfunction is actually not an uncommon male sexual condition as there are over a hundred million men all over the world who has developed this condition.  It is estimated that one in five men will experience this condition with varying severity at some point in their lifetime.  This means that if you are a guy, you have a 20% chance in developing this condition within your lifetime.  Fortunately for you, you can always rely on sildenafil generic should you develop this sexually debilitating condition.  By using sildenafil generic, you can once again have full use of your manhood even though the effect is only temporary.  Nevertheless, since you can use sildenafil generic almost on a daily basis, you can still have sex with your female partner every day.  This is because you can use sildenafil generic on an “as needed” basis.  Just make sure you do not take more than one dose per day.

Sildenafil generic is a highly effective treatment drug for erectile dysfunction.  It is important to never use this drug more than once per day or you risk yourself of overdosage.  It is possible that you may even encounter a condition called priapism wherein you get a penile erection that lasts for several hours.  Such development can be painful and may even cause irreparable damage towards your manhood.  Always make sure that you only use sildenafil generic, or any other ED drug for that matter, once per day.  Additionally, it pays to consult your doctor so that you can be give on what dosage you may need for your condition in proper accordance to your current medical health or the medications you might be taking.

Keep in mind that sildenafil generic by itself has the capacity to lower blood pressure.  However, it does not mean that you can use it as an anti-hypertensive drug.  If you are using maintenance medications for your blood pressure or for your heart, make sure to never use sildenafil generic in tandem with your maintenance medications.  Doing so can result in extremely low blood pressure which is why it is never advised to use sildenafil generic with heart-related maintenance medications.  Consult your doctor on how you should use your sildenafil generic or if you need to be given new maintenance medications.  This will allow you to use sildenafil generic much better and without any worries.

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