Patients with Breast Cancer Prefer to Buy Tamoxifen Online

Are you a patient diagnosed with breast cancer and you have been prescribed by your physician to take tamoxifen but you would rather buy tamoxifen online as you know they are offered there at very affordable prices? If you are wondering whether to take its branded form or the simple generic form, the truth is, they are basically the same in terms of the active ingredient contained in it.  Breast cancer patients and those who need the drug love the fact that they can order tamoxifen online even without showing a doctor’s prescription (although it’s best that you do get one).

What many people love about buying tamoxifen online is that they can also get a special doctor’s consultation as a courteous gesture from the online pharmacy you are going to get tamoxifen online from.

In a nutshell, when you read information about tamoxifen online, you will learn that it is used in both women and men to treat specific types of cancer plaguing their body. This drug can be taken as a preventative measure, or it can be one of the drugs that are needed in a cancer therapy plan in order to fight off an already existing cancer affecting one’s body.

Those who unfortunately already have cancer in their bodies and would need tamoxifen to help them become well, they are the ones who would normally be more interested to read and learn all about the drug, thereby urging them to find information about tamoxifen online.  When you read about tamoxifen online in a scientific view, you will learn that it prevents the hormone estrogen from binding to particular receptors.  Approximately 70% of breast cancer cases are estrogen receptor-positive, which means that the growth of cancer is caused by estrogen exposure. Thus, if the access to estrogen is restricted, the end result would be that the development, growth and spread of the cancer cells shall be stopped.

It is important that if you are a cancer patient and you are prescribed to take this drug, you ought to understand more about it, so it is recommended that you read about tamoxifen online and remember all the important things, especially contraindications and side effects.

In many websites when you read about tamoxifen online, you will come to learn that those who have a history of stroke or blood clots as well as those who are using blood thinners ought to use tamoxifen with extreme caution.  You will usually find that the following side effects of tamoxifen online are: hair thinning, decreased libido, headache, menstrual changes, leg cramping, upset tummy and hot flashes.  Whether you bought tamoxifen online or at your local pharmacy, you must report immediately to your doctor if you experience the following serious side effects: severe tummy pain, severe pain in the chest, jaundice, easy bruising or bleeding, pain in one eye or both eyes, and blurry vision.

Even though the price is not very expensive, many patients battling breast cancer opt to buy tamoxifen online rather than always buy them from their doctor or from the local pharmacy store.

Be patient when finding the right pharmacy for you to buy tamoxifen online from.  When you opt to buy tamoxifen online, you will definitely agree that you can have them for less and without much hassle.  The reason that tamoxifen online costs cheaper than at your local pharmacy store is that online pharmacies do not have to pay for extra costs like what’s to be paid when running a physical store (employees, electricity, etc).

While it is utterly convenient to buy tamoxifen online, you must keep in mind that you should not buy tamoxifen online or at your local pharmacy if your purpose is to treat a self-diagnosed cancer condition.  Make sure that you are really diagnosed as having cancer, therefore, visit your doctor and find out what his or her professional findings are.

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