Proper Use of Generic Tadalafil for ED

Generic adalafil is an oral prescription medication used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED) conditions.  Most people perceive erectile dysfunction as the inability to achieve an erection.  While this is true, it is only part of what of what erectile dysfunction really is.  This is because there are three types of erectile dysfunction:   First, the common type of ED, the inability to achieve an erection; second, the capacity to have an erection, but not hard enough to promote vaginal penetration; and third, the capacity to have an erection, but the time span of the erection is too short to last the span of the sexual intercourse.

Generic tadalafil is used for the treatment of this kind of condition because it allows men who have this condition temporary use of their manhood so they will be able to take part in sexual intercourse.  This is possible because generic tadalafil works in a way that blood can be pumped inside the corpus cavernosum inside the penis so erection can be achieve.  People who cannot intentionally gain an erection usually has problems with the smooth muscles lining the corpus cavernosum, wherein they fail to make this smooth muscle relax, possibly due to a multitude of factors that are known to cause the condition of erectile dysfunction.  However, thanks to medications like generic tadalafil, erection is more than 80% possible in men under most ED conditions.

How ED is Diagnosed

ED is commonly known as male sexual impotence.  This condition can be consistent or on occasion.  It is said that 1 in 3 men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life regardless of severity.  If a man is showing signs of erectile dysfunction, he needs to go to see a medical professional specializing in the condition – urologist – so the condition can be properly assessed.  The assessments would include:

  • Physical Examination – this is performed to get clues on what possibly may be causing the condition.  The problems can be due to medications, hormones, diseases, medical reasons, or simply psychological reasons.
  • Laboratory Tests – lab tests will include blood analysis, urinalysis, liver enzymes, testosterone levels check, and other forms of lab test that may help the doctor to properly isolate the reason for the condition.
  • Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test – this is the monitoring of the penis during sleep.  Since men will normally have a few erections during sleep, if a person with the condition is able to have erections during sleep, then the reason for the condition is isolated as a psychological one.

How to Use  Generic Tadalafil

Once you have been diagnosed with ED and you want to be able to have sexual intercourse with your partner, your doctor will likely give you a medication that can treat your condition temporarily.  One such medication is generic tadalafil.

When taking generic tadalafil, make sure to follow the directions given to you by your doctor.  Take the medication 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse and never take more than one dose per day.  The duration of the effect is normally 36 hours.  If you and your partner wish to have another round several hours later, you can do so because tadalafil offers the longest duration any ED medication has.

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