Tadalafil – the Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment of erectile dysfunction was revolutionized by the development of PDE5 inhibitors.  Viagra was actually the first type of such medications to be released in the market.  However, 5 years later, 2 other ED meds were approved by the FDA and thus released in the market.  One of these mediactions is called  generic tadalafil.  Generic tadalafil goes by the brand Cialis which is made by Eli Lilly.  It is considered to be the most versatile type of ED treatment because it is not only effective in treating male sexual impotence, but the effect of the drug generally lasts more than 30 hours (36 hours to be exact), thus the nickname ‘weekend pill’ given to it by couples.

During the last decade, the understanding of the physiology of an erection as well as the pathophysiology that contributes to erectile dysfunction has greatly increased.  In fact, it was 10 years ago that two new drugs were added in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, thus broadening the landscape for ED drugs and further solidifying the role of PDE5 inhibitors in the treatment of sexual impotence.


The recommended starting dose of generic tadalafil is 10mg which is for on-demand type of dosing.  However, if you are taking daily doses of  generic tadalafil, the recommended dose is 2.5mg once per day.  These doses can however be increased or decreased depending on its effectiveness on the person, or the person’s tolerance towards the drug.

Once taken, the onset of action of the drug can occur in as early as 15 minutes.  Nevertheless, this is not to be advised to patients and that they need to take the drug at least 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse to give time for the body to absorb the full effect of the drug.  In fact, there are even instances that it takes patients about 2 hours before they are able to achieve any form of erectile response.  If the vardenafil and sildenafil are affected with decreased absorption if the drug is taken along with a fatty meal, generic tadalafil on the other hand is not affected by such.


One of the main selling points of generic tadalafil is its long duration of action which is approximately 36 hours.  This is the therapeutic window that make this drug aptly called the ‘weekend pill’ because all the couple need is one pill and the effect will basically last the duration of the weekend, giving them freedom to perform sexual intercourse without worrying if the effect of the drug has already faded or not.  The best part about this is that couples can enjoy sexual intercourse multiple times within 36 hours – something that other ED drugs will only dream of providing.


When taking generic tadalafil, it is important not to take it along with nitrate medications because the result of combining tadalafil with nitrate medications is usually hypotension.  Such excessively low blood pressure may result in death if not immediate medical intervention is ensued upon the event of hypotension.

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