Furosemide 40mg: A Potent Diuretic

Fluid balance is important in maintaining homeostasis in our body. The fluid lost should be more or less equal to the amount of fluids taken. To replenish the fluids lost through respiration, perspiration, and urination we drinks fluids or we get it from the food we ingest.

Imbalances could happen in our body. We could have water retention due to disease processes. This is an alteration in our normal homeostasis. The main goal when we have conditions like this is to treat the underlying cause why there is water retention. Aside from this, we also may need to use drugs to promote diuresis. Continue reading

Furosemide 40 mg – A Cure for Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is an excessive build up of fluid in the body as a result of medical disorders such such as edema and heart failure. Excessive dehydration can also lead to fluid retention as the body tries to hold more water to compensate with the loss of fluid. As what you may know, most of our body is composed of water – the muscles around 75 percent, fats at 50 percent, and the bones with around 50 percent of water. Water retention occurs when any of the vessels where the blood passes, carrying nutrients, oxygen and water, can become leaky or pressure due to underlying problems. That is why a problem related to the heart, the lymphatic system, the kidneys, and even pregnancy can all contribute to fluid retention. The lack of physical activities such as sitting for longer periods of time may also result to water build ups. If you are currently experiencing water retention then your doctor might recommend you with furosemide 40 mg. However, aside from taking furosemide 40 mg you may also do something to enhance your recovery. Continue reading