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Avanafil is used for the treatment of sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction.  This drug is sold under the brand Stendra which is manufactured by Vivus Inc.  This ED treatment has been approved for use as an ED treatment drug by the FDA of America just last year.  If you want to buy avanafil, you need to know that the drug you are buying is a PDE5 inhibitor and belongs to the same classification as Viagra does.  For further information on the synthesis of avanafil, try looking for it at Wikipedia under ‘avanafil.’

Males that suffer from erectile dysfunction should buy avanafil for their temporary relief and have momentary use of their manhood.  The truth is there quite a number of ED drugs currently sold in the market and this includes the big names in ED treatment drugs.  Avanafil is actually the newest and latest erectile dysfunction drug to be released.  Despite being a decade late than its rivals, avanafil has gone much further research and development as well as being able to take gain with the many advancements in technology science and pharmacology has to offer.  Due to this, men with sexual impotence have gone out to buy avanafil to see what this new drug has to offer.  To date, those who have used avanafil are content with the strong erection that it provides them.

If you want to buy avanafil, it is proper that you know this treatment drug has doses of 50, 100, and 200mg.  To better know the dosage suitable for you and your condition, make sure to consult your physician about your intent to buy avanafil and use it for your condition.  With this, you will need to disclose to your doctor the things that he needs to know such as your previous diseases and ailments, the medicines you are currently taking, and your allergies that are known to you.  This will provide your physician the necessary date to enable him to prescribe you with the most suitable dosage for you condition.  Thus, this will also allow you to buy avanafil with the right dosage.  When you get your prescription, be sure to strictly follow the instructions you physician has given you.  Not doing so may actually lead to or result in serious or irreparable injuries.

When you get to buy avanafil and use it, should you think that the dosage given to you is either too weak or too strong, be sure not to self-adjust your dosaging.  Never attempt to decrease or increase your dosage without consulting with your physician.  Make sure to always check with your physician should you make any adjustments in your dosaging.

If you go out and buy avanafil, keep in mind that this medication is a PDE5 inhibitor.  What this means is that it shares the side effects of the drugs belonging to this group.  The more notable side effects known but not dangerous are headaches, nasal congestion, back pains, and flushing.  Not all of these will occur on a person though.  Most are case to case basis.

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