What You Should Do When Your Medication is Causing You to have Impotence

Impotence is medically known as erectile dysfunction and it is the inability to have an erection, possibly due to certain factors like psychological, physical, medical, injury, lifestyle, or even with the use of certain medications.  Yes, there are indeed impotence-causing medications.  If you have developed erectile dysfunction from using a new type of medication, it is highly likely that that drug is the one causing your erection issues.  For most cases of drug-related impotence though, the condition is not noticeable or does not occur until after several months of taking the drug.

If you highly suspect that the medication you are taking is the one giving you erectile dysfunction, make sure you do not stop taking the medication just for the sake of erection issues.  Instead, try to visit your doctor and seek professional medical advice regarding the matter.  Once your doctor has indeed confirmed that your erection issues are indeed being caused by the medication, your doctor may recommend any of the following options:

  1. Lower your current dosage – erectile dysfunction can actually be caused by the amount of dose you are taking from a particular drug.  By lowering the dosage, you may continue to use the drug that has been prescribed necessary for you while being relieved of your erection issues.
  2. Switch medications – some types of medications, even though they have the same effect, may have different secondary effect.  By switching to another medication, it is possible the sexual side effect may also be reverted.  However, this method is always a trial and error as some drug may work and some may not in relieving the secondary effect.
  3. Stop using other substance – tobacco and illicit substance in particular may alter or increased the secondary effect of some medications.  By stopping the use of these substances, it is possible that your erection issues may be resolved.  While this may take time to take effect, it is very important that you cease such substance intake not just for your health, but also for the possible cure of your erection issue.  Excessive use of alcohol is another problem and should be taken moderately only.
  4. Oral treatment for erectile dysfunction – if it is not possible in any way to change the medications you are taking or lower the dosage of it, and that you are not taking any substance intake, then the only solution your doctor will be able to give you would be to prescribe you with oral medications that can treat erectile dysfunction.  There are actually three popular brands when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatments – V-a, Levitra, and Cialis.  These three, although in competition with each other, are very effective in what they do and will definitely do simple work of your erection issues.  However, it is important that you follow what your doctor prescribes to you and what brand it is that you need to take.  This is because some of these ED meds are more potent that others and it only make proper sense to follow what you have been prescribed with. Continue reading…

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